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1. Search Buyers

Input one or more words in keyword input box after selecting (Buy Offers) for trade lead type. If you input two words or more, the searched trade leads will contain all of the words by default.

From the main page of  (Trade Leads), you can find the trade leads by narrowing down the category. If you choose (Buy) in (View by) from the list, you can view only buying trade leads. 

Within the selected category directory, you can execute a keyword search to find a specific trade leads.


2. Contact Buyers

You can send an inquiry immediately when you find buying trade leads of your interest.

OR alternatively, registered users may also use selling leads and classifieds:


1. Product Catalogs 

To have buyers contact you, you should post product catalogs, selling trade leads and classifieds.The number of product catalogs, selling leads and classifieds that you are allowed to post will depend on your level of membership. Please check out the upgrade options in your membership account.


2. Check Inbox

Please check (Inbox) for inquiries from potential buyers.


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